Appeals from the Senseless

I joined a gang when I was young.
I chose to carry a stolen gun.

I made my cash by selling drugs.
I solved my disputes with metal slugs.

The police caught me so now I care.
I complain about how my life’s unfair.

Now I go to court and lie to you.
I try to convince you of the good I’ll do.

I’ll flood the courts with my appeals. 
I’ll complain about my prison meals.

I’m guilty, I’m guilty, but let me free!
I can present a technicality!

The courts are failed, they never work!
You judge me like a bunch of jerks!

You’ve locked me up, I don’t know why. 
Can I feed you even bigger lies?

Let me out, I’m begging you!
I commit the crimes but time won’t do!

It’s everyone’s fault and not my own!
All I want is to go home!

Here’s another thing I refuse to see.
The courts are slow because of me.

I contribute to your flooded courts, 
by sending stacks of false reports.

You see these lies repeatedly.
Still I pray you’ll believe me.

When you don’t I don’t know why.
I blame the courts when I’m denied. 

It’s the Justice System that is flawed.
It can’t be me I’ve studied law.

I’ve twisted my case to fit this rule.
You can’t treat me like a little fool.

Believe me I say, quit judging me.
I can’t be here, I should be free.

Oh, wait, the Justice System didn’t fail.
That might be why I’m still in jail.