Is It a Possibility?

I stood there staring
Thinking of what to do.
I kept my eyes glued,
To the poster in my face.
College readiness.
It’s difficult to decide,
When everyone in my family,
Made the same decision.
It gets into my mind,
And it drives me crazy.
It started with my dad,
Then into my mom.
From my sister in D.R.,
To my brother like no other.
Now I’m next in line,
The decision is mine.
I had to stop and think
About the what ifs in my choice.
As I lay there thinking,
I feel the presence of the possibility.
I get through with connections,
And the facts of education.

People keep coming,
Days in and days out.
With the same lecture,
That may get me away.
The start of my success,
And my run from all the struggle.
The decision for my future,
And the proof that I can do it.

I started with low confidence,
Thinking I’m just a stereotype.
I want to break away,
And become something new.
Going beyond the cycle,
And gaining that self confidence.
Trying to be,
The first generation,
To graduate high school,
Because my decision has been made,
To apply to Emmanuel college,
And create my future.