A man is missing, he’s been taken away;
Where is he gone and what did he say.

Where did they take him and did they say why;
As he was leaving I heard him cry.

What’s that you say, prison for what;
You must be some kind of a nut.

I know this man I know him well;
He doesn’t belong in a prison cell.

A crime was commited and now he’s on jail;
But he has no money he can’t pay his bail.

You say that the courts will give him a trial;
But in this court room will justice smile.

In this court room will justice be fair;
Can anyone tell me dose anyone care.

What will his wife and children do;
Because of this justice must they hurt too.

What if he’s innocent and I know this to be;
Because he has no money will they still set him free.

He can’t pay for justice so he must do the time;
Being broke in the courts can be the real crime.