6: Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses features work from Jorge Luis Borges, Mavis Gallant, Monique Truong, William Kennedy, Mary Morris, Pablo Neruda, Mahmoud Darwish, Matthea Harvey, Eamon Grennan, Steven Millhauser, and Yoko Tawada, among many others.

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Metamorphoses: A Forum

PEN Members, Transpositions


Michael Joyce, Tiresias Tries to Talk Sense to Liriope About Young Narcissus
Mary Morris, Blood Feather
Song Yong, Notes from the Attic
Christoph Hein, The New Boy 


Eamon Grennan, November and Persephone
Moshe Ibn Ezra, Let Man Remember
Patricia Wallace, The Holy Ghost’s Life of Writing


Edmund Keeley, The Language Barrier
Michael Wood, The Work of Solitude
Susan Sontag, Fragments
Richard Zenith, Pessoa’s Disquiet
Wislawa Szymborska, Some Recommended Reading
Larry Siems, July 5, 2003
Lawrence Venuti, Antonia Pozzi: Revisions

Jerzy Ficowski, Black Thursday


Esther Allen, Ammiel Alcalay, Michael Hofmann, Susan Sontag, and Steve Wasserman, The Politics of Language

Tributes to Gabriel García Márquez and Pablo Neruda

Edwidge DanticatEdith GrossmanFrancisco GoldmanJose Manuel PrietoJon Lee AndersonPaul Auster, Salman RushdieBill ClintonRose StyronWilliam KennedyAriel Dorfman


Raymond Queneau takes the bus.