This year’s recipient is Hannah Tinti, editor of One Story.

The PEN/Nora Magid Award, established in 1993, honors a magazine editor whose high literary standards and taste have, throughout his or her career, contributed significantly to the excellence of the publication he or she edits. Candidates for the biennial $2,500 award include current editors-in-chief, literary editors, and “back-of-the-book” editors of serious general interest magazines, book reviews, or literary reviews and quarterlies, whose intellectual discernment and wide range of interests recall the late PEN member Nora Magid, who was for many years the literary editor of The Reporter.

2009 Judges

T Cooper, Richard Nash, Walter Kirn

From the Judges’ Citation

“For inventing a format so perfect it now seems self-evident; for developing an audience for the short story so robust it makes the entire library publishing community just that little bit more dynamic; for applying the entrepreneurial mode to nonprofit publishing with grace and judgment; for a taste so unimpeachable, yet palpable, we find nary a dissenter in the community, and no dissenter amongst us three jurors, we unanimously award Hannah Tinti the PEN/Nora Magid Award.”