19: Hauntings

Hauntings considers the people, ideas, places, and emotions that draw us back again and again. In this issue, Edwidge Danticat remembers, Martín Espada goes home, Laura Esquivel cooks, and Joyce Carol Oates does not. With fiction by Serge Brussolo, Kazuki Kaneshiro, Horacio Castellanos Moya, Alissa Nutting, Joseph Roth, Merritt Tierce, Dorothy Tse, and Aurora Venturini; poetry by Seungja Choi, Russell Edson, Yusef Komunyakaa, Lo Kwa Mei-en, Camille Rankine, Roger Reeves, Juliana Spahr, and C.D. Wright; nonfiction by Ezekiel Caligiuri, Mona Eltahawy, Aminatta Forna, Jarod Roselló, and Tom Stoppard; conversations with Rashidah Ismaili, Bob Morris, Zanele Muholi, James Risen, Edward Snowden, Abdourahman Waberi, Binyavanga Wainaina, and Kerry Young.

Plus translations from seven different languages, graphic narrative by Jarod Roselló, photographs by Steven Bley, and intimate recollections from some of our finest writers.


Hauntings: A Forum

Laura Esquivel, Kimiko Hahn, Joy Harjo, Amitava Kumar, Joyce Carol Oates, Alicia Ostriker, Willie Perdomo, Elena Poniatowska, and Eleanor Wilner


Serge Brussolo, translated by Edward Gauvin, Onrush
Karissa Chen, Pomegranate
Kazuki Kaneshiro, translated by Takami Nieda, The First Punch
Horacio Castellanos Moya, translated by Lee Klein, Revulsion
Alissa Nutting, The Transparency Project
Miroslav Penkov, Makedonija
Adriana E. Ramírez, Santa Rita de los Imposibles
Joseph Roth, translated by Michael Hofmann, The Mother
Merritt Tierce, Calvin D. Colson
Dorothy Tse, translated by Nicky Harman, Blessed Bodies
Aurora Venturini, translated by Roy Kesey, Betina’s Tail


Amber Atiya, sister (1990)
Seungja Choi, translated by Cathy Park Hong and Won-Chung Kim, Lonely Women
Russell Edson, The Pilot
Martín Espada, Haunt Me
Ishion Hutchinson, The Sudden Turn to Bird
Yusef Komunyakaa, A Prayer for Workers
Purdey Lord Kreiden, Mars(eillaise)
Lo Kwa Mei-en, The Alien Crown
Charles Patrick Norman, Sedimentary
Camille Rankine, E Pluribus Unum
Roger Reeves, from On Paradise
Juliana Spahr, Turnt
TC Tolbert, from “Word Problems”
C.D. Wright, from Deepstep Come Shining


Photographs by Steven Bley

Graphic Narrative

Jarod Roselló, The Star


Kehinde Bademosi, Zanele Muholi, Binyavanga Wainaina, and Shireen Hassim, Queer Futures
Thomas Drake, Jesselyn Radack, and James Risen, Secret Sources
Mona Eltahawy, The State, the Street, and the Home
Rashidah Ismaili, Cormac James, Abdourahman Waberi, Kerry Young, and Eric Banks, Discussing Diaspora
Edward Snowden and Suzanne Nossel, Secret Sources


Kehinde Bademosi, Abomination
Ezekiel Caligiuri, Bombs
Edwidge Danticat, Prayer Before Dying
Aminatta Forna, Ebola
Bob Morris and Ira Silverberg, How to Deal with Regret
Tom Stoppard, Surviving the Wreck