11: Make Believe

Make Believe examines—through fiction, poetry, drama, essays, and conversations—the question of belief in all (or many) of its forms. Alesksandar Hemon, Cynthia Ozick, Lynne Tillman, and others imagine books they wish they (or someone else) had written; Sigrid Nunez invents an orphanage full of “rapture children”; and Rivka Galchen pretends to be Lydia Davis and Peter Altenberg. Plus new fiction from Brian Evenson and Roxana Robinson; poetry by Reza Baraheni, Marie Ponsot, and Liu Xiaobo; notes from a manifesto by David Shields—and much, much more.


Make Believe: A Forum

Kazim Ali, Rabih Alameddine, Lynne Tillman, Pasha Malla, Terese Svoboda, Roger Sedarat, Damion Searls, Ariel Dorfman, Cynthia Ozick, Will Heinrich, Jayne Lyn Stahl, Meena Alexander, Aleksandar Hemon, Amitava Kumar, Scott Spencer, Nathaniel Bellows, and Forrest Gander


Brian Evenson, Windeye
Sara Majka, The Anthology of Small Homes
Jaime Manrique, El Amante de Sevilla
Sigrid Nunez, Rapture Children
Rivka Galchen, Pistachio, Down, and My Fat Uncle
Ed Park, Welcome to Tyosen™! 
Roxana Robinson, The Trade
Alejandro Zambra, Improvisation with Trees


Mathias Svalina, Children’s Games
Kabir, Friend and It’s a Mess 
Christian Hawkey, The Book Of
Déwé Gorodé, Rebel Sun 
Cynthia Cruz, What God Gave Me 
Juan Felipe Herrera, Óyeme, Mamita 
Bożena Keff, Lara Croft
Nancy Willard, Calling the Characters
Liu Xiaobo, One Letter Is Enough, Longing to Escape, A Small Rat in Prison, and Daybreak
Reza Baraheni, Paragraphs 
Marie Ponsot, Dancing Day I and Dancing Day II 


Nilo Cruz, The Museum of Dreams 

Graphic Narrative

Peter Kuper, The Top
Emmanuel Guibert, from “Alan’s War”


Khaled al-Berry, The Call 
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Father Chinedu 
David Shields, Mimesis 
United States Department of Justice, The Meaning of “Severe Physical Pain or Suffering” 


Albert Mobilio, Benjamin Anastas, Nadeem Aslam, Brian Evenson, and Jan Kjærstad, Must Believe
Adam Gopnik and Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, The Habit of Voyaging
Philip Gourevitch, Norbert Gstrein, and Colum McCann, Realms of Possibility 
Richard Ford and Nam Le, Fabrications